• Vision

    A vast geographical region, where our national market can be considered as being right in the center, is in fast and stable growth. Tesport which is strengthening its global reach with its strong line of products and services, envisages this region as having a great market potential. Europe, Asia, America and North Africa markets are at the top of the list of Tesport’s geographical priorities.

    Tesport is aiming to share its know-how and experience with humanity regardless of political boundaries, race, language and religion.

    Change is the only constant in our daily lives. Our business units are now faced with inevitable winds of change that is driven by globalization, improvements in technology, fierce competion and the recent develpments in the global business environment.

    Since the establishment of Tesport, we have made strong emphasis on change. The steps we have taken on this issue so far have transformed us into a stronger and more competitive enterprise while creating such opportunities as carrying our services to wider geographical markets.