Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness

Tesport  is continuing its services and activities to “create a sustainable world in which future generations can live in safely” which is among its environmental awareness principals. Protecting and accurately managing ecosystems, water and energy which make life possible is one of the most important duties that we all have to assume. Undoubtedly, the balance of the nature cannot be argued. It should become an obligation for us to act with the awareness of ecosystem and environment in areas rich in biologic variance by considering the importance of our natural resources. It is one of our priorities to respect environment by protecting and developing these resources and most importantly consuming consciously.

Tesport  has sustainable business models characterized as global transformation among its Works based on awareness and sustainability. We provide a cleaner environment by developing products with minimum waste level, zero waste material consumption and maximum recycling rate thanks to the superior technology that we use. Correspondingly we are creating R&D and P&D supported innovations.

We are securing tomorrow’s natural resources from today, by preserving our environmental awareness.

Of course, we do not address sustainability from one standpoint. Social and economic dimensions are also of great importance as well as the environment.

The 3 basic phenomenons constituting the concept of sustainability are economic structure, social balances and environmental constituents. We are continuing our work within line with these basic concepts.

We are specifying our Sustainable Environment and Development targets by carrying today to tomorrow with our point of view constituting a source of information and experience for people and making a better life for them, supporting development and possesing global development principals.