Pet Resins

  • PRODUCT: Pet Resins
  • TYPE: Bottle, Texile, Fiber Grade
  • END USE: Nonwovens, Fibers, Yarns

Pet Resins

In today’s world, polymers are widely used in numerous areas with an increasing rate PET is produced with the polymerization of Monoethylen glycol with Terepthalic acid. Polyethilen terefthalic has a wide array of usage. In the textile sector, it is used as raw material (PET CHIPS TEXTILE GRADE) while in food sector, it is used as bottle caps (PET CHIPS BOTTLE GRADE) in various sizes in spring water, beverages, fruit juice and vegetable oil bottles. In recent years, there exists an increasing trend in board applications of PET.

PET Chips, otherwise called Polyester Chips or Polyethylene Terephthalate Chips is the base of a plastics and polymer. Contingent upon the handling, PET may exist both as a shapeless (transparent) generally known as Bright or Super Bright Chips and as a semi-crystalline material regularly known as PET Semi-Dull Chips. PET Chips are likewise used to make PET Film. Fantastic chips without Silica and CiO2 substance are utilized to make PET Film

While another kind of Chips variation is Bottle grade chips utilized as a part of making diverse sorts of plastic jugs relying upon the Intrinsic Viscosity. TESPORT. is a main supplier of PET Chips from Korea, Turkey,  India, China, Taiwan and has been sending out world class quality polyester chips to different nations over the globe. We supply polyester chips reasonable for different applications. Basically PET Chips are classified into three evaluations – Textile evaluation, Bottle review and Film grade.


Polyester Chips Textile Grade

Polyester Chips Bottle Grade

Polyester Chips Film Grade 

Polyester Chips Flame Retardant

Polyester Chips Super Bright


End Uses of PET Chips


-Polyester Yarns

-Polyester Fibers


-Packaking industry

-Polyester Films



-Mechanical components