Home Textile

  • PRODUCT: Home Textile
  • TYPE: Bed Linens, Towels, Bathrobe
  • END USE: Hotels, Chain Stores

Home Textile

Home Textile sector, with its increasing performance and export volume, has become one of the top sectors in Turkish foreign trade as well as in the global trade. The sector which combined its deep rooted experience of many centuries with the technology of the past 20 years, has made Turkey one of the most crucial global suppliers. We as Tesport provide some types of home textile products; i.e bed sheets, towels and bathrobe mainly from Turkey and also from Far East. Tesport is specialized in meeting the demands of its distinguished customers and controlling the production processes of their orders for the products of Turkey’s and the other's outstanding home textile companies. Tesport is providing its customers all types of home textile products in the required quantity, quality and delivery dates.




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